battle throne
About us

We are the clan battle throne from the awesome game clash of clans!
Battle throne was created by Godson coc. For those of you who don't know, he has a youtube channel called Godson Coc.
He and his awesome crew helped create battle throne and made it into what it is today. There are always prizes to be won, people to raid, to meet, learn from, and teach. There is always something going on in Battle Throne!

Battle Throne has grown a lot! Too much in fact that there are now two clans in one! 
Battle Throne and Battle Throne 2. These clans are filled with dedicated people who work hard everyday to their bases strong and their trophies up. If you got what it takes and you meet the requirements, join us! 

Be sure to check out Godson's Youtube Channel below If you haven't already and subscribe! 
Thank you! Come back for updates, contests, submissions, pics, and more!!

Happy Raiding!!
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